Written by Barbara Angell
Published by Nepean Historical Society in 1984
The first official European settlement of (eventually) the State of Victoria, Australia, occurred in 1803 just outside what is now the fashionable holiday town of Sorrento. The area was named Sullivan Bay.
History usually credits Portland as being the first settlement, but Sullivan Bay was fully settled and a garrison established for more than a year when HMS Calcutta sailed from England in 1803 with a consignment of convicts. She entered Port Phillip in October of that year and found that its merchant vessel "Ocean" was already there and waiting, after the expedition had got separated en route. The contingent consisted of around 500 souls including 300 convict men and women, plus a large party of Royal Marines, civilian and military officers, and the aim was to settle the southern area of New South Wales (as it was then) for security purposes. These figures do not include the crews of the two ships which, while they remained with the expedition, added another couple of hundred souls to this extensive settlement.
Voyage To Port Phillip, 1803 tells for the first time the story of those two ships and describes in detail the preparations and loading of stores and human cargo. Discovery of "Ocean's" log book in the archives of the East India Company made it possible to trace the routes of both vessels and to make comparisons as to their positions on given dates.It is a unique piece of maritime history that should be of interest to students of the period.
At the end of the first six months at Sullivan Bay a decision was taken to move the settlement to the shores of the Derwent River in (now) Tasmania but it took a further six months to complete the move. Sullivan Bay was then abandoned and its location was all but forgotten.
Voyage To Port Phillip, 1803 was first published in 1984, originally commissioned by the Nepean Historical Society at Sorrento and this organization has now released a number of copies for sale by the author.
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