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Bundanoon, NSW 2578

Email: biz@angellpro.com.au
Phone: 0417 192 055

Every care is taken to package the goods securely. Where applicable, a full Customs Declaration is affixed.
We offer a refund on returned goods provided it can be proved that those goods arrived at their destination in a damaged condition. Refunds are only available within 30 days of the date of delivery, which must be certified. The costs of  returning such goods is at the purchaser's own expense.
Where applicable, goods are despatched by Economy Air Mail.
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Please read Product Key and Price List!
(Prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars)

                                     1.  Screenwriting course by e-mail   Click to view
                                     2.  Script reading service for Writers    Click to view
                                     3.  Book "THE CORAL BROWNE STORY" within Australia: $35.00 (incl p&p&GST) rest of world:  $45.00 (incl p&p) 
                                     4.  Book "A WOMAN'S WAR" 
  Click to view
                                     5.  DVD "Poppy's Head" Still available through Barb Angell. .
                                     6.  Video "Poppy's Head" (all formats) no longer available.
                                     7.  Let us build your Web Page  - service no longer available
                                     8.  Script and story advice and consultancy    By arrangement  Click to view
                                     9.  Script reading service for Producers    By arrangement    Click to view
                                    10.  Literary works of L.R. Palmer   Now a vailable through G&L Archives, Melbourne. Click to view
                                    11.  Book "Voyage To Port Phillip 1803"    $12.50 Click to view   

                                    12. Other services    By arrangement  Email us

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