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Barbara Angell - about her.

Alzheimer's - interconnected pages of advice for carers of people with dementing illnesses
A Woman's War - book - the splendid biography of Wilma Oram Young
Angell - genealogy of the Angell family
Bibliography - index of a selection of the published and performed works of Barb Angell
Biography - a brief introduction to the company's CEO, Barb Angell
Brave Women - interconnected pages on women who have helped to shape the history of Oceania.
CN-ASTV - Australian Surgical Teams, Vietnam.
Confidentiality - Barb Angell Productions work by this code of confidentiality
Coral Browne - introduction to the biography "The Coral Browne Story", soon for publication.
Palmer, L.R. - introduction to the works of this writer-poet of the 1950s and 60s
Poppy's Head - DVD aimed at increasing teenage awarenes of dementia. Limited copies available.
Screenwriting courses - for writers wanting to learn the craft. Available by e-mail.
Script consultant - general support services for writers with writing problems
Script doctor - for writers whose scripts need assessment and overhaul
Script reading - a script advisory service for freelance writers
Script reading service - to reduce the backlog of producers and directors
Scripts for sale - options on screenplays and stage plays for sale to producers
Voyage to Port Phillip 1803- book - history of Australia - story of a unique voyage that led to the founding of Hobart

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