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(We can NOT accept unsolicited scripts. You must email or telephone beforehand.
Unsolicited scripts will not be returned unless you include s.s.a.e.)


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Okay, so you have sussed out how to write a script and everything you have learned has gone into your latest work? Now is the time to have your manuscript assessed by an expert.

Barb Angell holds a doctorate in visual and performing arts. She has written for TV, film and stage for more than 25 years (take a good look at . She is currently an adjunct lecturer at Charles Sturt University NSW within the school of Communications and Creative Industries. She is the co-author of its new Distance Education Course in Scriptwriting.

Look no further! Her services are available here for Script Assessment.

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For a reasonable cost Barb Angell will read your script and send you a written analysis and assessment

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We offer a script assessment service to Producers too!

Tim Elliott writes from HOLLYWOOD


Barb's ex-student Tim Elliott wrote to her May 2010:

"I wanted to thank you for your constant belief and honest criticism. At one point I considered giving up but one line in a critique you provided kept me going: "PLEASE be consistent and apply yourself ... We admire your enthusiasm and feel that you could have something to offer as a writer of comedy - but you must learn the disciplines first". That one line kept me at the craft. I tried to give up but I cannot... I am a writer."

Tim Elliott, Hollywood, May 2010



"Barb's professional advice and mentoring have been instrumental in the development of my stage play. Put simply, the play wouldn't be anywhere near where it is at the moment without Barb's input. She has given me the confidence to persevere with my writing when all seemed lost. Thank you, Barb."

James Hall, 6.8.2011




Barbara: My thanks for working with me on the manuscript of my novel “Now Tell Me This”. The changes you suggested made it a much tighter product and having your professional assessment presented me as a strong candidate in my search for a publisher.

Penny Becchio, 12.8.2011

"Now Tell Me This" Sid Harta Publishers, 2009
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BARB ANGELL will read your script or screenplay, give you an assessment, act as your mentor and adviser. Script analysis is an essential service for writers BEFORE they submit a script to a Producer. Get it right FIRST!

If your script is judged to be good you will then get a FREE listing on the Scripts For Sale page for 6 months from the date of Internet posting. A short synopsis is published on the web page together with your contact details. The synopsis does NOT give away any script secrets or twists but is aimed at selling your script to producers. Australian film producers are regularly contacted about the site. They know that only the BEST scripts get listed. Inclusion of your script on the site is a guarantee of its quality.

Do not be disappointed if your work does not get listed, you will receive a detailed assessment and on payment of an additional fee we will consider your work again after a full re-write has taken place. BUT - only the one additional submission will be considered, so make sure you get it right before sending it because it will not be listed if it does not meet our standards!

"I've really enjoyed the process of writing this script. Thanks for your help"
Kath Ruhle, March 2008.
"Barb's script assessment service is an invaluable
tool for the aspiring screenwriter. 
I have made this service an essential step in my 
screenwriting process.  You will not find better value for money."

Tony O'Brien (31.3.03)


Scripts must be complete drafts and correctly formatted. Material that is not correctly formatted will not be read. You may send your script as an email attachment in Word for Windows, or as a PDF but ALWAYS identify your email with your personal Identification Number. Unidentified emails with attachments are automatically deleted unread.Note that prices are quoted on a per script basis. Separate episodes count as additional scripts unless a prior agreement is reached in writing.

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How much does the script reading service cost?

You get the initial script reading and possible listing for a TOTAL COST of $214.50
Second reading and possible listing for a TOTAL COST of $200.00*

You can now also pay by Credit Card! Click the "Add to Cart" button above - it will take you through to PayPal, where prices are quoted in Australian dollars.

Q:How do I sign up for a Consultation?

A:Without obligation, you send us an e-mail stating the service you require. By e-mail we come to an Agreement BEFORE you send any material for assessment, or any money. We issue you a REFERENCE NUMBER at the time we receive your payment. Angell Productions has published a clearly stated Code of Confidentiality and we are bound by that. Read it!

*Where a full script consultation is deemed necessary, we will make a separate quote. You are under no obligation to take a Script Consultation but Barb Angell reserves the right to judge.

For scripts to be returned, full return postage must be sent or your script will be shredded.

Dr Barb Angell
Bundanoon, NSW 2578
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We have a Confidentiality Code. Check it!

Before sending material to us or to anyone else on spec BE SURE TO REGISTER IT WITH THE AUSTRALIAN WRITERS' GUILD.

BARB ANGELL will read your script or screenplay, give you an assessment, act as your mentor and adviser. Script analysis is an essential service for writers BEFORE they submit a script to a Producer. Get it right FIRST!

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