Learn Screenwriting at home


Learn Screenwriting at home

For both film and television.

More than 20 years of service!(Established 1994 and regularly updated)

This Great Value Course is available by email and you learn at home.
I take you through the writing process from "Idea" to full script "Presentation"
Television and movie writing methods are made clear and easy.
This is a comprehensive foundation course suitable for beginners, or for writers in other media who want to hone their screenwriting skills.

Writers will find no better deal on the web. Learn with me in your own home, and that means you get my personal attention.

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Do you work in a language other than English?
No matter what language you work in, Barb's methods work.
Just apply the same techniques in your own language.
Barb has clients in USA, Africa, Asia and various European countries too...

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Ideal for all who are interested in screenwriting anywhere in the world and available by e-mail or (on request) by snail mail using Dr Barb Angell's successful method.
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"Some Day Man"
Barb Angell's Teleplay
Voted the best of its year by
Independent Newspaper (London)
Winner of Nationwide competition (UK)
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Learn with me from home.
There are no FAQ lists to give you half an answer to a question you didn't ask. You and I are in direct contact by e-mail.
And yes! you can email me for further details.
I can't guarantee to make you RICH and FAMOUS but I can show you the way to become a professional writer.


Recommendations from Students and Faculty Heads

  It's very clear that you gave the class a good and instructive time.
- Ron Blair

  I'm enjoying the course.It's easy to learn and gets straight to the point.
- Mitchell Hall, March 2003.

  Many thanks for all you have taught me. Whenever I get lost, I just go back and apply your basics and I find my way back out of the woods again.
- Tim Elliott, June 2005.

  ...there are many insights and GREAT structures in your course which I found hugely helpful in new and unexpected ways.
- Maralyn Bennett, 2007.

Study at your own pace

THE KEY TO GOOD SCRIPTWRITING IN 3 STEPS! A step covers an average of 3 WEEKS STUDY but the time it takes is up to you

So study at your own pace, take advantage of my interactive feedback sessions when you're ready.

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Dr Barb Angell, P.O. Box 304, Bundanoon, NSW 2578, Australia

I offer all 3 Steps at once for $335*

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Script Doctoring - Script Reading - I protect your confidentiality.

To receive the Course Steps as e-mail attachments you need to be able to read the Course as a PDF.

WHAT does Barb Angell give you in her interactive e-mail courses?

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THREE SEPARATE STEPS lead you from the bare basics to the best method of presenting your commissioned script or your own original idea to that all-important Production Company. Each Step is multi-paged and complete with diagrams. The entire course for only $AU335*.

1.  STEP ONE: Covers the basics of construction, analyses The Idea, points out The Most Important Areas of your script and makes you aware of how and why your favorite TV Series or Movie actually works. It shows you how to apply these principles to your own script writing.
 Learn with me, from home.

2.  STEP TWO: Covers plotting, plot lines and "beats", how and why to construct a Scene, how to do a Treatment, how and why to use Location shoots, also O.B.. Step Two is called "Let's Talk dialogue" so you get to maximize the effective use of dialogue. When you order Step Two you will be invited to e-mail two pages of your best dialogue to Barb. She will edit it for you and point out your strengths or weaknesses in a FREE editing session.
 Learn with me, from home.

3.  STEP THREE: Covers Timing, how and why to set out various types of script (TV and Film). It addresses Character Analysis and the Character and Scene Breakdown Schedules. It analyses 10 basic story outlines that can be used over and over again, and makes them available to you FREE. It clarifies methods of writing for existing shows and meeting the requirements of the Story Editor. It discusses differences between Telemovies and Cinema Movies. Finally it takes you through the process of preparing your own Presentation and Pitch for a Production Company.
 Learn with me, from home.

Easily e-mailed format for quick download.

If you prefer, the course can come to you via snail mail - but please note that The Nuts & Bolts is designed to be studied by email. It is NOT a published book and what you will be sent is only a printout ofthe latest PDF.

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Order all 3 Steps at once for $AU335*

Study at your own pace, apply for your FREE interactive feedback when you're ready LEARN SCREENWRITING WITH ME, AT HOME.

(Write for television, movies and video, also for the stage) Dr Barb Angell, P.O. Box 304, Bundanoon, NSW 2578, Australia

Study at your own pace, order when you're ready

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Never go for the obvious construction. Search deeper into your story and find a way to tell it with originality. Barb Angell gives you a load of alternative ways to go, plus lists of example movies to watch and TV scripts to study.

Have you written a new script? Send it to: Barb Angell's Script Assessment Service.
DO IT! It is honest, it is thorough and the best value.

Are you able to use the techniques? Do you know the meaning and use of common writing terms?
Do my course! You need to explore Barb Angell's interactive screenwriting course

"The Nuts and Bolts".

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