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 Barb Angell is the script doctor. Scriptwriting mentor - Script adviser

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Do you write for Movies? TV? The stage?

Looking for help with story development, screenwriting advice, script development?

Barb Angell is The Script Doctor - an expert script adviser - also screenwriting, story development and script consultant.

Yes, she offers script assessment and other services for writers of television, movie and theatre scripts and book manuscripts too. Visit home page!

But services offered on this page suit the more experienced writer because Barb offers interactive feedback not only by e-mail but also personal mentoring sessions through Skype (by appointment only)

She holds a professional doctorate in Visual and Performing Arts with Charles Sturt University and co-wrote their DE course COM212 as an adjunct lecturer attached to CSU's School of Communications and Creative Industries.

For details of that specific course contact the university direct.

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Script Doctor and Mentor Barb Angell is up there with the most experienced and reliable Screenwriting Consultants you'll find anywhere on the Internet. Barb is genuinely a Doctor of Visual and Performing Arts (DVPA[CSturt]).

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If you are a beginner, we recommend Barb's top scriptwriting courses. They're available by either e-mail or snail mail (click here for address).

Joseph Marcel as the "Some Day Man:"
(Writer: Barb Angell)
Producer - Granada TV
Directed by John Bruce
Produced by TSW
Winner of a nationwide competition in the U.K.!

Named Best TV Play of its year

(Independent Newspaper, London, July 27, 1987 and December 31, 1987) Not available on DVD
Photo stills available through Angell Productions

Qualifications? You want to know what qualifies Barb Angell to tell you what to do with your scripts?

Barb Angell holds a Doctorate in Visual and Performing Arts at Charles Sturt University, was on faculty at that Institution as an Adjunct Lecturer until 2012 and is the co-author of their Distance Education Course COM212, Scriptwriting.

  •  contracted to the BBC many times as a script assessor and consultant.
  •  a winning screenplay on England's Channel 4 (See Left).
  •  more than 700 hours of television script editing 
  •  70-80 hours of televised scripts of her own. 
  •  on-going writing career of more  years than she likes to admit with 4 full length movies plus 2 plays for the stage currently in pre production. 
  •  Barb's movie chiller "The Fun Arcade" is available. Option it now!!

Q:How do I sign up for a Consultation?

A:Without obligation, you send us an e-mail stating the service you require. By e-mail we come to an Agreement BEFORE you send any material for assessment, or any money. We issue you a REFERENCE NUMBER with the Agreement, when your the payment receives bank clearance. Angell Productions has published a clearly stated Code of Confidentiality and we are bound by that. Read it! Do NOT send us any money or material for this page's service until our Agreement is reached.


All sessions are confidential and your copyright is fully protected. We do NOT pass your details on to any other party.

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Script Reading

Either on-line, face to face (by appointment through Skype) or script mentoring available. Pricing varies but Barb charges reasonably to read your script and supply you with a written report on its strengths and weaknesses. She gives written quotes for further input. Do NOT send any money or material until our Agreement is reached.

E-mail us your queries!

Script Editing

Personal script editing service available and charged at a minimum $550 per session as a basic fee.

A full length movie script can be quoted for on request. Consultations are paid for step by step and our Agreement reserves both parties the right to opt out before proceeding further.

E-mail us your queries!

Story Editing

Barb will edit your story line so that weaknesses can be identified BEFORE you go to the trouble of writing the full script. Story editing sessions begin at $400 depending on the length of the proposed final script. Do NOT send us any money or material until our Agreement is reached!

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