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2009: Series 2, Ep. 2 of Chandon Pictures, Barb plays the role of Margs (the Movie Channel and ABC Channel 2)
2007: Watch out for Barb in Series 3 of Love My Way (Southern Star Productions)
2005-6: Barb worked on the movie Superman Returns - in this she played the role of Polly.

2003-4: Barb was in the TV drama series Fireflies for ABC/West Street Productions. She played the role of Mena Roberts, head of the CWA.

She made a guest appearance on "Home and Away" 28th June 2004, playing Mrs Soames.
Barb Angell has graduated as a Doctor of Visual and Performing Arts Charles Sturt University, NSW

Member of  the Australian Writers' Guild Barb is Australian born but lived and worked in the U.K. for more than 20 years before returning to Australia under contract to work for the Grundy Television organization, then forming her own company Angell Productions Pty Limited.

Does Affect
Barb (red jacket) directs
Kate Sheil (standing) and Dinah Shearing with
Backs to camera: Daniel Millar and Charlie Little

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Barb was educated at Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Melbourne and from there studied for Diploma of Music at the Melba Conservatorium. Her first acting job was in the W.C. Strode play "The Guinea Pig" at the Melbourne Little Theatre. From there she went to work as a dancer-comedian with the Tivoli Circuit and remained with it for the next 4 years. She was a member of the regular cast of the very first television variety show, "Tivoli Party Time" and from there went on to appear in and write for most TV variety shows of the time - likely Australia's first female TV comedy writer.

She studied TV Directing at the RMIT before making her first trip to the U.K. in 1959-60 where she was introduced to Revue and began to write short material including sketches, music and lyrics. On her return to Australia she formed her own Revue company and co-wrote and produced a series of successful stage shows. There followed many years of television as well as stage appearances. She was an original writer of the satirical "Mavis Bramston Show" and ended by starring in it as well as writing for it during its 4 years of production.
Mavis Bramston
Barb with Gordon Chater
Mavis Bramston Show
Stage acting appearances continued with "The Slaughter of St Teresa’s Day" at Melbourne Little Theatre, "Black Comedy" for J.C. Williamson with Madge Ryan, Trevor Bowen and Patsie Trench before she once again left for U.K.

The next 20 years were spent in England where she appeared in TV dramas and comedies including "Doctor in the House", ""Staying On", "The Jensen Code", "The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs", "Not On Your Nellie", "Anne of Avonlea", "All Creatures great and Small", Jensen Code"Shoestring", "Angels" and the cult Australian drama "Prisoner Cell Block H". She worked under contract to the BBC as a script reader and assessor and also received a Bursary from the Arts Council of Great Britain which enabled her to study Arts Administration at the Polytechnic of Central London.

"The Jensen Code"
Photograph copyright ATV
The acting credits were accumulated in between all the writing activities listed under Biblio. Barb has also been actively involved with the Alzheimer’s Associations of U.K. and Australia, serving as President of the NSW and Australian chapters. In her spare time she plays golf!

David Jason

Starring David Jason as the hapless and equally hopeless espionage agent Edgar Briggs, who is transferred to the Secret Intelligence Service as result of an administrative error. The first episode set the tone for what was to follow with Briggs falling over furniture and getting soaked whilst fully clothed in a Turkish bath. What set the series apart was the weekly dose of stunts, many of which Jason insisted on doing himself, including taking a dive from several storeys up to the ground. The series was specially written for Jason by Bernard McKenna and Richard Laing at the behest of producer Humphrey Barclay, who had 'discovered' David performing in a theatre on Bournemouth pier and introduced him to the British public via Do Not Adjust Your Set. With a little luck, a lot of patriotism and the love of his wife, Jennifer (Barbara Angell), Edgar Briggs, assistant to the Commander (Noel Coleman), bumbled his way through 13 episodes. It led the Daily Mirror's then TV critic Stan Sayer to declare, "David is a modern Buster Keaton with most of that great silent film actor's gift of timing, rhythm and skill." 
13 episodes of 30 minute duration. LWT. 1974.

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