Please print this Form and mail or fax it to Angell Productions
(Address below)


(For Amateur Companies Only)

Angell Productions Pty Limited charges 15% of gross box- office receipts. This allows small companies and groups to put on one of our stage plays without a large up-front commitment. Please print, fill in the following details, sign the form and mail or fax to:

Dr Barb Angell,
Bundanoon, NSW 2578

Phone: 0417 192 055

Email us!

Performance rights will be granted automatically and this will be acknowledged in writing, at which time full details of authors and required credits will be supplied by us for implementing Clause 2 below.


School/Company: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________



Admission Cost: ____________________________________

Performance Dates: _________________________________

Venue Seating Capacity: ___________


1. We agree to the payment of royalties at the rate of 15% of our gross box office receipts in relation to the above production, plus 10% GST of that 15%

2. We will ensure that the authors' names will be credited and displayed on all advertising, including programs. 

3. We will ensure that the endorsement, "produced with the permission of Angell Productions Pty. Ltd. Dr Barb Angell,
Bundanoon, NSW 2578
", is displayed on any programs or advertising.

4. We agree to supply, with payment of royalties, a certified copy of the Box Office receipts signed by the Organization's Public Officer.

PRODUCER'S SIGNATURE: ____________________________ DATE: ______________

ABN:65-065-605-192 ACN:065-605-192 Registered for GST