The Fun Arcade
By Barb Angell
Nick Sharp is a computer whiz who has grown tired of London. His wife Stephanie is recovering from a traumatic experience and they need to make a clean break from the city's stresses. They buy a run-down Fun Arcade in North Norfolk which they visited last summer, shortly after Stephanie's illness, and which they now plan to run as a summer business where Nick can make use of his computer animation and programming skills by updating and upgrading the Arcade's various machines.

Nick's skills are challenged when one particular machine appears to develop a mind of its own, apparently re-programming itself at will. Things go further wrong when Stephanie becomes convinced that there is an evil influence at work within the Arcade building. She decides to research its history but is puzzled to meet with peculiar opposition from the villagers whenever she makes inquiries.

Just when it appears that all the weird phenomena have been logically explained, the story takes a sudden twist and the ending is swift and disturbing - with a promise of more evil to follow.

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