Is a video made for schools and for families 
affected by the care of a person with dementia
School bullying can be an issue.
Angell Productions

A valuable information tool for families and schools. Poppy's Head is ideal viewing for young people aged
over 11 and comes with discussion papers. See also
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Poppy's Head is in the form of a drama documentary and is used widely in Nursing Homes and Community Services
to counsel and inform families coping with Alzheimer's or other dementias. 
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Poppy's Head!
Lesley Dayman plays Poppy
Lesley Dayman has a long and distinguished career beginning at the State Theatre Company of South Australia. He has appeared in many of Australia's most respected companies, TV series and films.
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Jamie Croft plays Zeb 
Jamie Croft is one of the most talented young Australian actors. Recent films include "Joey" "The Real Macaw" and "Passion". He is the winner of an AFI Award for Best Young Actor.
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Main Plot Synopsis
Zeb's mum Karen supports the family by working so Zeb relies on his grandad Poppy for company and guidance but everything changes when Poppy falls victim to an Alzheimer's type dementia. Zeb not only looks after Poppy but he also suffers from depression when he faces bullying at school.
Poppy gets lost
Poppy gets lost in the swamp
The bullies
Wombat (L) and his gang of bullies
Sub-Plot Synopsis
This guy at school "Wombat" is head of a gang of bullies. He sets out to make Zeb's life a misery because Karen always insists that Poppy should walk with Zeb to school. But why is Wombat bullying Zeb? What is his problem? The reason turns out to be strongly connected  with the main plot and there is a twist ending to the story.

Poppy's Head is a drama, made to entertain while it educates. It was filmed in the beautiful Hawkesbury River area of Sydney and features a cast of professional actors. It deals with dementia but from a teenage point of view. School students will identify with issues such as depression, bullying, single parent families...

Teachers are supplied with fact sheets explaining in simple terms the nature of dementia and posing questions for classroom discussion on the subjects of dementia and of school bullying.

Making "Poppy's Head" Characters (LtoR) Karen, Zeb, Poppy
Australia and NZ $AU37.50
Rest of world $AU45.00
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