To add to your background knowledge:
Angell Productions Pty Limited
Dr Barb Angell,
Bundanoon, NSW 2578

1. How does your enrolment work?

If  potential students have not already visited the web site, they are sent a free Introduction to the Course. This Introduction is virtually the same as the web page, repeating information for the benefit of those who don't have access to the Internet. This is because we also advertise our e-mail address in selected tradezines. Please note that you don't have to access the Internet to do these courses.

We can accept Credit Card payments through PayPal. Simply visit the site and click on the “Add to Cart” button. This will take you through to PayPal and note that the price quoted there is in US dollars. Students can also enroll by simply forwarding a certified cheque or  money order in Australian dollars. Students then receive the Three Steps in one hit.

Applicants are given their own personal Student Number which must be quoted on all feedback. They are either e-mailed the course steps as an attachment to an ordinary e-mail, or sent the course steps by post if that is what they prefer. Most opt for e-mail.

2. What does your course cover?

There are 3 Steps or Modules in the Foundation Course "Beginning Scriptwriting – the Nuts and Bolts". These are ordered all together but the Course must be followed strictly in sequence. We advise students to either hire or buy the videos of the movies: MIDNIGHT COWBOY, CITIZEN KANE and THE GRADUATE.

Ø analyses The Idea
Ø covers the basics of script Construction
Ø discusses Storylining
Ø points out The Most Important Areas of your script
Ø makes you aware of how and why your favourite TV Series or movie actually works
Ø helps you to apply these principles to your own scriptwriting.

In Step Two you are shown:
Ø PLOTTING (Plot Lines and “Beats”)
Ø How to analyse and construct a SCENE
Ø The Scene Breakdown
Ø How and why to use O.B.
Ø How to maximise the effective use of dialog.

In Step Three, we
Ø Discuss TIMING a script
Ø Show how and why to set out various types of scripts (TV and movie)
Ø Discuss character analysis, scene analysis, the “BIG PRINT”
Ø Analyse 10 basic storylines. (These storylines are given away FREE with the course)
Ø Clarify methods of writing for existing shows and meeting the special requirements of the Story Editor and Script Editor.
Ø Discuss differences between TV Movies and Cinema Movies.
Ø Take you through the process of preparing your own Presentation and Pitch for a Production Company.

3. Explain briefly how you operate your class via online and by mail.

Offered as a FREE service and as an integral part of the course is the invitation to each student to ask up to 5 questions after completing each Step. These questions get a PERSONAL reply by e-mail or mail. We do NOT point our students at FAQ lists! This free Q&A session is an integral part of the Course and it is vital to point your questions to a specific part of the Course on which you require additional information. Some students make the mistake of commenting on the Course rather than asking questions that will increase their knowledge of the subject. At the end of the Course there is an opportunity to comment on the Course by filling in an Assessment Form, so save your comments for that. Again we stress the need for every student to quote their personal Student Number with their questions.
Because of the way the Steps are constructed, students can complete them at their own pace, they do not have to keep up with anyone else. Another FREE service is the invitation to submit some pages of dialogue and Barb PERSONALLY edits these and gives each student feedback and advice.

4. What do you hope to achieve by offering this online/distance learning course?

We aim to reach people who live in rural or remote areas, or who might be confined to the home or perhaps to an institution. Barb Angell teaches personally in various schools and colleges and there are plenty of chances for ambulant students to attend these classes. The e-mail courses offer exactly the same Foundation Course to less ambulant or accessible students worldwide, and the very nature of the writing experience is ideal for such people.

5. Will you also be offering screenwriters the benefits of other services, such as contacts within the industry?

We do not offer personal contacts, because the quality of students' work varies, and to offer such a service we would need to be able to recommend the work of every student. Clearly that is not practical. However, as a part of Step Three advice is given on how to go about making contact that will attract the right sort of attention to the student's work. We make no attempt to act as an Agent or Manager. We stress that dialogue and/or scenes that are sent to us for assessment remain copyright to the author. Feel free to download our Confidentiality Agreement for your own protection. This can be found at

6. There are other online courses available, what do you feel is unique about your course?

We offer a comprehensive Foundation Course in which the very basics of screenwriting are thoroughly analysed. No matter how long you have been writing scripts, you may have bypassed some of the information offered here. It is always worth visiting such a course to pick up on missed detail. This is the e-mail version of a course that Barb has been teaching for years at schools and colleges. It is consistently over-subscribed wherever she goes but now anyone can access it at a very reasonable cost. This is more than just a "Correspondence course" in that Barb PERSONALLY addresses student feedback and questions posed by them. There are NO pre-printed answers or FAQ lists.
Barb also offers a full Script Assessment service. This is located at Barb assesses your script at the competitive price of  $77 and the turnaround time for this service is normally within 3 weeks.

7. Since you are in Australia and my audience is mostly a U.S./European/foreign language audience, can you address this issue?

There is no difference in the basic knowledge necessary for good script-writing – "the Nuts and Bolts" - no matter what part of the world you live in or what language you speak. The e-mail system makes the course easily accessible worldwide and it is applicable worldwide. The charges are in Australian dollars and this makes the course very attractive to foreign students because of the excellent rate of exchange. When converted to American dollars these prices are very low! Visit PayPal (instructions above) for the latest US dollar rate

8. Can you tell me a bit about your background in screenwriting?

Please you visit the web page – then click on "Meet Barb Angell". Here you will find a summary of her qualifications, experience, published and performed works.
 Briefly, Barb has more than 40 years experience as a professional writer and author. She has recently been honoured by the crediting of a Masters degree in Visual and Performing Arts by Charles Sturt University. This is in recognition of her contribution over the years to the Visual and Performing arts, and she commenced her PhD at the beginning of 2004. She is on record as being Australia's first female entertainer-writer – the premier female in the country to write and perform her own material. This was back in the 1960's when female comedy writers were almost non-existent – and she took her act to the U.K. and performed extensively there too! Since then Barb has written for some of the world's top entertainers, male and female. She wrote the prize-winning teleplay "Some Day Man" (TSW/Granada, England) and has edited some 700-800 hours of television drama and written some 90 hours of produced and performed television. She currently has 3 movies in pre-production, two in collaboration with Glasshouse Pictures.

We are confident that in terms of the comprehensive knowledge supplied, this course is almost unbeatable value for money! Take advantage of it NOW!